Getting So Sick Of Christina Aguilera’s Sob Stories

Contributed Anonymously:

I was watching that MTV special she did for sex, voting and politics. There was a segment where a girl and her baby had to leave her home and go to a shelter because her boyfriend would beat her everyday. Then Christina throws her pitiful excuse of an ‘abuse story’ into the girl’s conversation. She was saying dumb things like “I know exactly what you’re talking about. The abuser tells you they will change and then you feel bad for them so you stay… yeah I know how that goes”. REALLY CHRISTINA? She doesn’t know how ANYTHING goes. She was FAR too young to act as if she knew what it was like to be in a real abusive relationship. I saw a TV interview with Christina’s mom which she directly said “once we left Japan Christina was about four and I took her to live with her grandmother.” She was FOUR!!! She is acting like she knows what it’s like when guys beg you to stay and you forgive them, how the hell would she know ANYTHING about that?

Even on Oprah she has to try and find a way to add in how “abused” she was when she was. It’s like somebody who almost got into a car accident, telling the world how much trauma they suffered from it. She is doing this all for attention and to act like she is so wounded and strong for putting up with abuse…when she was 4 and can barely remember a thing if anything at all. You can barely remember ANYTHING that happens to you at that age.

Her mother suffered, her mother went through an abusive relationship. Her mother telling Christina about what had happened to her doesn’t classify as Christina living with such abuse. She takes what her mommy says, and acts as if she remembers everything so clearly. I suppose Christina remembers the abuse from insider her mother’s womb too. She is such a liar. If she just went on air saying how her mother suffered from abuse when she was younger that’s one thing. But Christina keeps acting like she is to hurt and troubled as if she grew up with abuse when she didn’t. She was a spoiled brat not an abuse victim. I could have been thrown out of a car window at age 4 and I wouldn’t remember…if anything I would remember vaguely and most of the time wrong.

It is just so aggravating. She has to tell her little sob stories to act like she is so ‘strong’. She did nothing to be strong she is a fake. And I am not registered so I have no name. But I will be registering under the name “Veto8792” so if anybody’s got something to say, say it.

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3 thoughts on “Getting So Sick Of Christina Aguilera’s Sob Stories

  1. lisa says:

    What would you know? You don’t know anything about what happened to her as a child. Age doesn’t matter if you we’re abused it stays with you your whole life no matter how old you are. You may not remember a lot from when you were 4 but something as traumatic as that stays in your mind for the rest of your life. Obliviously you don’t know anything about being abused so maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

  2. irene taylor says:

    Lisa. you are so right about veto8792. it seems to me on the MTV special, her mother said Christina was 6 when she left her father. no matter. recall is still very possible even at 4. and yes, veto, abuse of a mother in front of a child can cause permanent scars & would definitely qualify as child abuse. Where in the world have you been!?

  3. cunspeerissytheery says:

    Do you know anything about domestic violence? About the impact on a child who witnesses violence within the home before the age of 5? The impact on ANYONE is horrific, let alone someone under age 5. So do your research before you write your next uneducated article, you dumb sh**.

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