Gideon Talks To *NSYNC Following Awards

MTV’s Gideon talked to the guys from following their big night at the Video Music Awards where they took home 4 awards.


Thank goodness we packed the couch big enough. We have all five members of here. The question on everybody’s mind how in the world did you get to come on stage?

We begged.

The better question how we kept it a secret.

We couldn’t even tell our parent. Friend, family, anybody.

I had heard you guys backed out of playing self-party tomorrow and three days later, are you guys back on the bill?

We have definitely on the bill. It’s a matter of finding time to rehearse and we rehearsed this morning and his show is going to be amazing. We saw the whole thing kind of go down. His show is unbelievable so we’re excited about that as well.

You guys ended up taking home the coveted Viewer’s Choice Award any word on winning that?

Chris: We’re blown away tonight. We had to have a little meeting after everything happened and sit back and look at ourselves and say this has been an unbelievable year. We’re so blessed all this good fortune came our way. We had such a great time with MTV and everything we’ve gotten. We’d never be cocky about this. We want everybody to understand… I wish everybody in the world to feel what we’re feeling tonight.

It feels like your birthday.

We’ll perk up in about a year.

Lance: And we do have to say thank you so much to people online, Fumanskeeto were voting all the time. everybody out there.

Giving it back to the fans. That’s why they love you and give you the viewers choice award

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