Gin Wigmore On ‘Gravel & Wine’, Butch Walker & Acoustic Shows

Gin Wigmore chains on the arm

came by the studios at 104.3 MYfm to talk with Damien Fahey about her song style, recording her latest album ‘Gravel & Wine’, working with Butch Walker on the project, and challenging herself doing acoustic sets.

Talking about how she found her soulful, bluegrass sound, Gin said, “Well, I went to America, and I kind of found it here. I spent about a month and a half cruising around Mississippi and Nashville, and Alabama, and figured out what this whole blues thing is about.”

On her sound prior to coming to America, Gin said, “It was a little bit different. It was probably a little more poppy, I guess, maybe. It’s definitely more gritty now and it’s got that great kind of dirty, strong drums and kind of swagger to it now I think.”

Asked about collaborating with Butch Walker on her second album ‘Gravel & Wine’, Gin said, “It was great. He’s very relaxed and he’s got great integrity and we’re very like minded and we like the same things, basically, so it made it very easy.”

Quizzed about doing acoustic shows on a radio tour, she said, “It’s great. It’s really nice. It’s cool to challenge yourself, I think that’s what you always need to do in any area in your life, so the fact that this is out of my comfort zone is really fun for me.”

Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

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