Girl Gets Catty After Being Cut From Paulina Rubio Video

Paulina Rubio 'Border Girl'

A woman named Alex got real catty over on Dees Sleze after most of her appearance in ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ were apparently cut from the video. After saying “I love her to death”, Alex then said that Paulina has cellulite and that she needed tape pump her chest up. Rick Dees insists that Paulina is a size 0 and having seen her up close, knows she has no cellulite. Audio has since been removed.

Receiving Key To Dallas

June 6, 2002 – According to her official site, will receive a “key to the city” from the Mayor of Dallas this Saturday, June 8, 2002.

Paulina Rubio Wants To Reach More People With English Album

June 1, 2002 – chatted with Mexican singer Paulina Rubio before the release of her English language debut ‘Border Girl’. When asked if it was difficult crossing over from Latin to the English market, Paulina said, “For me it is not that hard because it is not about language, it is more about being yourself. I did this album in English because I want to reach more people. The name of the album is ‘Border Girl’ ’cause I grew up within in different borders in Spain, Mexico, and Los Angeles. I live in a world with no borders. At the same time, you have borders between countries, borders in your mind, borders between relations. And the first border that I am crossing is doing an album in English.”

Paulina Rubio Voted People’s Most Beautiful Latin Entertainer

May 8, 2002 – Mexican pop stunner Paulina Rubio has topped People en Espanol’s list of the ’25 Most Beautiful’ Latin entertainers. The magazine will have her on the cover of next week’s issue. “Paulina is not only beautiful and sexy, but she has that star quality that will certainly put her on the map. … She is destined to be the next breakout performer,” said Angelo Figueroa, managing editor of People en Espanol. Look for her first English-language album, ‘Border Girl,’ in June. Others on the list included Enrique Iglesias and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

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