Girls Aloud Babe Cheryl Tweedy’s Ex-Boyfriend Tells All

News of the World spoke with furniture salesman Jason Mack about his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy of Girls Aloud, where he told all about his sex adventures with the ‘Popstars The Rivals’ singer. He talked about how Cheryl’s mother allowed him to stay in her daughter’s room just weeks after they were dating. “We’d be giggling like idiots under the covers for a couple of hours after she’d turned in to be sure she’d be asleep, then we were at it,” he revealed. “We’d do it for hours with some nice R&B tracks on the stereo turned down really low. Cheryl wanted it in every position possible but she liked me to take the lead. She loved sex but wanted a man to be a man and was happy for me to decide how we’d do it. I certainly wasn’t complaining. I had free reign over that stunning body of hers and she loved every minute of it.”

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4 thoughts on “Girls Aloud Babe Cheryl Tweedy’s Ex-Boyfriend Tells All

  1. matt says:

    Cheryl Cole is so gorgeous. I fancy her so much! xx

  2. Greg says:

    I would love to have “free reign of that stunning body of hers” I would fu** her for hours she is so sexy

  3. Vicktoryaa:) says:

    wtf why do you post something like this on a public site? some things should stay private…
    Cheryl I love you so much my Idol forever x
    love you babe x

  4. $@Mm3Y says:

    O.M.G Cheryl Tweedy/Cole is amazing she is so cool love you loads Cheryl <3 [= xXx

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