Girls Aloud Mime Shock

The Sun reports Chris Cowey, boss at Top of the Pops, says ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ winners cannot sing and dance at the same time. “We had a big debate about live bands when Girls Aloud mimed on our Christmas special – though they were #1,” he said. “The boys were nervous but they sang live, while the girls wanted to focus on their dance routines, so they didn’t. We recorded the vocals in the afternoon. Then they mouthed the words so they could do their little dance, leaning over the microphones. I always ask acts to sing live. If people watching think artists are miming, then they can draw their own conclusions. It doesn’t matter if they hit a few bum notes. I think fans appreciate live performances.”

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2 thoughts on “Girls Aloud Mime Shock

  1. Helen says:

    Yeah you are right I prefer live performances to the and girls aloud also mimed at the X Factor so did Cheryl so personally can they really sing??

  2. Helen says:

    They can’t sing in my opinion they mime and so does Cheryl

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