Girls Aloud Not Happy About Tribute Band

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that are furious at the sound-a-like, look-a-like band doing the student circuit. “It’s all a bit tragic for them,” Cheryl Tweedy told a source. “They should develop their own sound.”

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4 thoughts on “Girls Aloud Not Happy About Tribute Band

  1. ihatehilary says:

    they should be glad they have a tribute band. at least SOMEBODY knows who the hell they are. cuz I don’t!

  2. popstar says:

    spice girls wannabe band is now complaining. go figure.

  3. Hunglo says:

    Please change name to “Girls Shut The F*&K Up”

  4. Michelle13105 says:

    I’ve been wondering who they are for the longest’

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