Girls Aloud To Go Solo After ‘Tangled Up’ Tour

A Girls Aloud insider tells Daily Star Sunday that Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts plan on taking an indefinite hiatus after their ‘Tangled Up’ tour ends in May. “The split in summer is definite now. It’s something the girls have all agreed on,” the source tells the tab. “They want to finish the tour and then try something different. Although they’ve loved being in the band and plan to go back to it, there are so many different things they would also like to be part of. Their time apart won’t be permanent but it will be a break after their fifth album and there is no doubt about them getting back together in the future.” That future, according to the paper, is in about five years.

What’s next for the members? Coyle hopes to “make a name for herself” in Hollywood with help from her actor boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe, Harding is planning to “start work on a solo album quite soon after the split”, Roberts plans a solo album as well, Cole plans to be a judge on a television talent show, while Walsh would like a role in a soap and may take a crack at the West End. Read more.

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