Girls Aloud Tour Sales Could Factor In The Group’s Survival

The Daily Mail caught up with in an extensive interview as the ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ British girl group continues to promote their just-released fourth studio album ‘Tangled Up’. Asked about the future of the group, Cheryl Cole said, “We’re well aware that at any moment in time the bubble can burst. If this all ended, I would like to be a mother, have children… We’ll see how this album goes then sit down and have a conversation about the next stage. All we can say for definite is that we’ll be together up to the end of the tour… If the tour doesn’t sell well, we’ll have to have a conversation about where we go next.” Nicola Roberts added, “I’d be really unprepared if it all ended tomorrow. I think when you’re in something so important…this is actually my whole life.” Read more, and check out pictures, here.

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