Girls Aloud: We Are Definitely NOT Splitting Up

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@girlsaloud) on Tuesday (July 14), assuring fans that despite branching off to do solo projects, the British girl group aren’t splitting up. They write:

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all good and getting ready for summer.

We’ve decided to write this note together, because we want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world.

Over the next twelve months we are all going to be involved in lots of different things – music, TV, fashion and more. Sometimes it may be a solo project – sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together.

We are definitely NOT splitting up. In fact we have all signed a new contract with Fascination/Polydor Records guaranteeing that we will release at least another three albums – minimum. We will definitely all be going into the studio next year to record – and there will definitely be a new GA album in 2010.

For the rest of this year – you’ll have to wait and see, but it will be full of surprises – we promise!

For all the true stories and facts – please stay tune to

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your on going support.


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3 thoughts on “Girls Aloud: We Are Definitely NOT Splitting Up

  1. lauren says:

    Girls Aloud I really hope you ain’t spitting up your the best girl band ever and are you doing more concerts because I want to come and see you again and meet you I love you to bits and I hope girls aloud will be around for lots more years

  2. lauren says:

    Thank you Girls Aloud so much for saying that I got really worried about you five and I am so calm now that you gonna bring some more albums out will you go more concerts please reply back

    love from your biggest fan Lauren love you Cheryl and Nadine best people in the world

  3. helen says:

    Yay! Thank you so much for not splitting up! love your music and so glad you are not splitting up! Hope you do more concerts as the out of control tour was the first ever concert I was at and I don’t think it gets better than that!! Thank you!

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