Girls Can’t Catch Busk For Marie Curie Cancer Care

Daizy Agnew, Phoebe Brown and Jess Stickley of Girls Can't Catch at Covent Garden, where they busked for Marie Curie Cancer CareOver the weekend, Daizy Agnew, Phoebe Brown and Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch headed down to Covent Garden to raise money for Marie Curie with their busking skills. Daizy writes on their MySpace (@girlscantcatch):

This Saturday we busked in Covent garden for the Marie Curie charity. I think it’s an underrated charity that deserves all the exposure it can get – the money goes to the nurses who care for those who are in their last months or days of living. It really does take a special kind of person to support and care for someone who is dying, so were honored to be asked and very happy to help raise money and awareness of this cause.

The British girl group posted highlights from the day. It has since been removed.

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