Girls Can’t Catch Couldn’t Be More Pleased After First Top 20 Single

Daizy Agnew of Girls Can’t Catch blogged about the British girl group’s promotion of ‘Echo’ and how she felt for the song to reach the top 20 in the UK singles chart. Daizy writes on the group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch):

I’ve realized that I get incredibly stressed out before a single release! Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely exciting, but VERY nerve-wracking. We’re a very hard working band, and when a single is released our schedule is even more ‘full on’ than usual. I think it’s like queuing up for a ride at a theme park – the anticipation, excitement and nerves before you get on is insane! Once you’re on, the whole experience happens so quickly that when you come off you think ‘Wow, what just happened!’ and of course ‘I want to go again!’

We were gigging all weekend before chart day and on Sunday we found out Radio 1 wanted us to come in for a chat while they were doing their top 40 chart show with Reggie Yates. All the way there we were very excited! When we arrived at R1, there were fans waiting outside, some were for other acts also making their way to R1 and some were for us!

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