Girls Can’t Catch Deciding Their Next Single

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Tuesday (April 13), discussing Easter, their next single, her boyfriend’s new puppy, gigs, and their next webisode. Phoebe writes:

I’ve had several things to smile about recently. Firstly our next single! Everybody who works for GCC has been incredibly busy behind the scenes! Our management team and our record label have been discussing the next single. We can’t say for sure what it will be just yet, but hold on tight for an announcement coming soon! I can say there is going to be a huge surprise for everyone!! Myself, Jess and Daizy are so excited as we love to shoot music videos, it’s one of the highlights of the job. To be honest, any of the songs on the album could be a single. I’m glad I don’t have to make the final decision, I wouldn’t know which one to pick, I love them all!!!

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