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Contributed by RedBeast:

Can I just have this one moment to voice my opinion out to the people who view this site? Yes, it’s regarding Britney…no surprise since I am indeed a Britney fan and you can choose to read this or not, no one is forcing you to read what I am about to say, deal? Good. I am really disappointed because a lot of you are bashing Britney and her new song. Seriously, it seems as if she has no chance with you. Even if you’re a hater or a fan, give her the decency to give her respect for going her own path. What would you say if Britney followed everyone out there (Aguilera, Timberlake, etc) by going hip hop and R&B? Well she didn’t and she’s going out with a new sound that I can honestly, honestly say that I have not heard in a long time on the radio. It is different; therefore you won’t like it right away. I didn’t “get it” until I heard it 5 times, by listening to the beats carefully and now I can say, I love it. I can groove to it at a club that doesn’t play the “overplayed” hip hop/rap tracks that I am getting sick of. And above all this, she hasn’t even released the final copy of the single which is NOT what you all heard at the NFL Kickoff. Also, I think it’s great that she released this song as the first single, unlike most of you, because perhaps it would not fit with the typical radio station that plays those overplayed songs, but maybe it would be played on different stations; urban and techno stations. Remember, ‘Slave 4 U’ got more airplay on urban stations than the big ones, that’s how I became a fan of Britney’s. This song would not only diverse herself between others such as her rival Christina, but it would gain her different music fans from all genres.

Remember now: Christina is hip/hop, R&B, soul (which I like a lot as well) and Britney is now trancey/techno/dance. Notice: two completely differences, so no need to compare people. Only thing to compare is their provocativeness and what not. If you didn’t like Britney’s new song, then I guess you don’t like her new style. So let it be, choose whatever satisfies you. A fan goes, a fan comes, a fan stays. What are you? If you’re a hater and dislike the song, well congrats because you’re doing the right thing…you’re acting like a hater. But remember, you don’t have to hate right away, you should at least wait until the full complete song then choose whether to approve you decision, light? Anyways, I just heard ‘breathe on me’ and once again, it does NOT sound like anything we’ve been hearing on the radio. Ok yes, you have the right to not like the song…but saying it “sucked”, you’re basically just saying you suck because you simply can’t give her a chance. Britney revolves people who can’t give her a chance, simple as that. Anyways, as a non-hardcore Britney fan, I’m very proud that she took my advice and went her own path, creating a new sound on the radio. p.s. they say it’s always best to not like a song the first time you hear it because it means it will be a song you’d most likely not get sick of easily, unlike a song you admire and love the first time you hear it. You soon get sick of it and sheer it off. Well, I didn’t like Me Against the Music the 1st, nor 2nd time. Great to know that.

One more thing, if people say “who’s gonna listen to you!” “What a waste of time trying to change peoples opinions” “another Britney defender” or “no one is gonna stop hating, so shut up” well I am NOT trying to do any of that. Even though I am a Britney fan, look as me a regular person, ignore the fact that I am a Britney fan. I am voicing my opinion as Michael, not a Britney fan. Get it straight.

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12 thoughts on “Give Britney Spears A Chance

  1. annita says:

    Just letting you know you get my respect, you have the right!. I like people who stand up and voice their opinions. :)

  2. bluerose88 says:

    Look I respect Britney but she didn’t get any airplay on the urban radio station. And a lot of people here are well you know and they always will be. that’s my opinion.

  3. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    I wont give Britney a chance. Ive heard her new song.. 3 times now. It STILL sucks! Her voice still sucks and she still lipsyncs. Plus she’s copying Christina. For example.. her hair, finally admitting she’s a virgin. She still has no talent

  4. grprincess says:

    I can’t believe you are saying Britney copied Christina because she said she is not a virgin. That is ridiculous and stupid. Britney admitted it because she has been questioned repeatedly about it and Justin had said they had sex. So I guess most of us are copying Christina too if we are not virgins. You Christina fans try to compare everything Britney does to Xtina. “Oh my God, Christina goes to the bathroom, Britney goes to the bathroom-she is copying Xtina!”

  5. XtinaFighter says:

    My opinion is that Britney saw that Christina had good luck posing nude or half nude on magazines so she started to do it to boost her career. and she didn’t pose nude or half nude until AFTER Christina did.

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    You know what, as long as we, Britney fans, are happy, does it really matter what others think, let alone the douche bags here at popdirt? I’m so satisfied with the direction Britney’s taking her music in, but that doesn’t mean everyone will side with me. And that’s fine, people have opinions. What sucks is that no one here can state theirs maturely.

  7. Rob4Britney1788 says:

    Britney DOES NOT copy Xtina. Need I remind you all of Britney’s first Rolling Stones cover in 1999? She WAS half nude. That’s LONG before Christina ever did it. Britney’s not copying Christina on the red streaks in the hair either, as many Christina fans have been saying. CLEOPATRA had red streaks in her hair way back when. So if Britney is copying anyone by that, it’s Cleopatra.

  8. outrageous4u says:

    Ok I had to register as a user because I am so sick of these Britney bashers. it is one thing not to like an artist, I don’t like Busta rhymes for example. BUT-i don’t spend my time reading articles about him and bashing him like some people. if you don’t like Britney that’s cool I could care less but you haters must be jealous of her otherwise why would you spend so much of your free time commenting on her-answer that question jimmypee or collinsxtina –i know if I didn’t like someone I would not be so obsessed with them like you haters are-it just seems strange to me-maybe its because she’s hot, rich, completely talented, and a sweet person-is that why you Britney haters are so jealous?

    ok I am so sick of people getting on here and bashing Britney. if you haters hate Britney so much then why are you wasting your time commenting on her. if I didn’t like an artist I sure as heck wouldn’t get on line and bash them-it makes no sense all it shows is that you guys are jealous of her-i can’t figure out why else someone would waste their time commenting on someone that they don’t like. you haters don’t have to be a fan of Britney’s I could care less-but you guys seem obsessed with her because all you do is make stupid little comments about every move she makes–and its always the people that love xtina- probably because they know she will never be at Britney’s level of fame-i don’t care that Christina has amazing voice(which she certainly does) but she will never be Britney-Britney has it all the total package and it drives Christina fans crazy-why else would they bash Britney relentlessly-get a life-if you don’t like someone fine but all your comments do is show how immature and jealous you guys are of Britney’s talent-so please Britney bashers(like jimmypee and collins_xtina) tell me why you get on articles about Britney and make trashy little comments-it must be jealousy-let me know why and when you reply to my comment, try not to sound stupid, immature, or ignorant–i know it will be tough but try to surprise me.

  9. babet says:

    I don’t think people don’t like it because it’s different. a lot of people are into different sounds and are always willing to hear something fresh and original. but that song just sucks ass. not because its “different”, its because the lyrics suck, its unoriginal, and the beat sounds like….. slave for you. I really wouldn’t call what she’s doing different. it still sucks regardless. not only that…..not even her “performing” skills can make that song look good.

  10. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Not to compare Britney nor Christina, but I believe Christina went towards the soulful, r&b type bluesy song cause it fits her that’s what she’s about and it fits her voice and her vocals cause she just that a singer…….and I believe that Britney took the techno type dance music cause it fits her she just a dancer and that music fits her, you definitely won’t see Britney singing the stuff Christina does cause lets be serious she is not vocally talented so she has to do something that fits her and I respect that but I have to say that she has disappointed me in many ways

  11. HoneyRain says:

    correction.. Christina Aguilera is NOT her freaking rival.. they aren’t even trying to compete against each other.. that fake rivalry is something the media and fans have created.. not Britney or Christina.. and I have given Britney a chance.. I will admit to liking several of her songs such as ‘I’m a slave 4 u’, ‘lucky’, and ‘from the bottom of my broken heart’.. I don’t think they are as good as Christina’s (just as y’all don’t think Christina is as good as Britney) because I prefer strong powerful voices.. I think people “not giving Britney a chance” has nothing to do with hating her personally and everything to do with just not liking her style of music. everyone won’t like listening to ‘get up and dance’ songs ALL the freaking time.. (unless of course you’re a Britney fan) which isn’t a bad thing.

  12. crunkchig says:

    ok boys and girls, let’s think back about 3 years. do you all remember when “dirty pop” first came out? I don’t know about all of you, but I remember the first time I heard it, my first thoughts were “what the f**k?” but then guess what? it TOTALLY grew on me as it did with everyone else, and became one of the highest selling singles that summer. I have a feeling that is how “me against the music” will be. the first time I heard the song I admit, I thought it was dumb. but being the Britney fan that I am, I knew there was no way to NOT like one of her songs. lol so I downloaded it and listened to it a few more times and started to like it. now I REALLY like it. it’s definitely one of those songs that grows on you. :)

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