Goldfrapp: Madonna’s Clever, But Not Creative

Asked by The Independent how it feels to have Madonna climbing up her tree, Alison Goldfrapp responded, “I don’t think she’s climbing up my tree. But she climbs up everyone’s bloody tree, doesn’t she? She’s always got her eye on what everyone’s doing and she’s always nabbing people, the latest DJ or whatever, to get them to put their thing on her thing, you know. I think it’s quite clever but I don’t know if it’s that creative.”

Madonna And Guy Ritchie Argue Over Her EMA Attire

November 6, 2005 – The People reports that Guy Ritchie had an argument with wife Madonna ahead of her performance on the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon on Thursday, upset that her outfit wasn’t suitable for a 47-year-old mother of two. “He wasn’t happy and told her in no uncertain terms,” an insider revealed. “He thinks she’s too old to be wearing such skimpy things and that she should have toned it down a bit. Madonna listened to what Guy had to say but chose not to do anything about it. She went ahead and wore what she was planning to anyway. It made for a bit of an unpleasant atmosphere backstage.” Read more.

‘Wetten, dass..?’ Interviews Madonna

November 5, 2005 – ZDF’S ‘Wetten, dass..?’ caught up with Madonna at her recent press junket, where she talked about her condition since her horse riding accident, working with Stuart Price, dancing to tour in support of ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’, how she got permission to sample ABBA, the evolution of her music, and more. Video at has since been removed.

‘Confessions’ Plays Just Like A Disco

November 5, 2005 – Madonna spoke with Billboard ahead of the release of her new album ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’, out November 15th. “I wanted a record with no ballads,” Madonna said. “I wanted there to be no breaks, with one song segueing into the next — just like in a disco.”

Madonna On Marriage

November 5, 2005 – Marriage is a big deal for Madonna, and Geordie Greig of The Times asked her about the “marrying for the wrong reasons” comment she made regarding hubby Guy Ritchie. “I just meant I went into the marriage saying, ‘He’s fantastically talented, very witty, very smart. He’s going to make me laugh and look good because he’s so successful and, of course, he’s gorgeous, sexy and handsome’,” Madonna explained. “But none of those things mean anything after you’ve been sharing a life together for a few years and you’re dealing with raising children and scheduling and finances. You have to go back to what is the point of this marriage. You go to school to learn how to learn and I think marriage is about learning to learn as well. Diane Sawyer once said to me that a good marriage is a contest of generosity – I thought that was a good thing to say.” The story at has since been archived.

Madonna Backstage At EMAs

November 5, 2005 – Reuters caught up with Madonna at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon on Thursday (November 3), after the singer’s performance of ‘Hung Up’. “After I fell off my horse it was amazing to be able to get up and dance,” she said backstage, referring to a riding accident in August when she cracked three ribs and broke her collarbone and a hand.

Prince Charles Negotiating With President Bush

November 4, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Prince Charles said today that he wants sit down with President Bush and negotiate a settlement where we take back Madonna.”

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  1. Leonardo says:

    i happen to like goldfrapp a bit, they can f(((k off, Madonna is who she is and if she has a good eye, that simply makes you cleaver then goldfrapp, sorry but her supernatural album is going to be deleted from my computer anyway I think somebody just gave it to me, I didn’t spend a coin on them!! ajajajaja Long Life to the Queen, nothing you could ever do will compare to her work! duh

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