Goldfrapp Perform On World Cafe’s ‘Lillywhite Sessions’

appeared at the latest in World Cafe’s ‘Lillywhite Sessions’ series from Avatar Studios.

On the group’s British sensibility, Will Gregory said, “It’s difficult to kind of know how other nationalities regard one. It’s very interesting. One’s always intrigued to hear what Englishness is. I suspect it’s moved on a bit from bowler hat and a copy of the Times. We can’t help but be English because we are. It think that we do have a sort of quirky sense of humor probably and also I think we like an eccentric.. I think that is something that English people like to do their own thing and go from their own nutty directions and not follow the trends.”

Alison suggested there were American influences on the new album, explaining, “Sunshine is quite a foreign thing. I mean we talked about a lot of ’70s American films and kind of that hazy Californian sunshine and I suppose maybe more of an atmosphere was the sound that we were kind of (aiming for).”

Listen to a replay of the show aired Wednesday (July 9), featuring performances of ‘A&E’, ‘Road to Somewhere’, and ‘Eat Yourself’, as well as a discussion with host David Dye, via below the cut.

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One thought on “Goldfrapp Perform On World Cafe’s ‘Lillywhite Sessions’

  1. Chris Williams says:

    What a fantastic session. The songs almost surpass what the band achieved on the very brilliant Seventh Tree. Please, please, please make these versions available to the people! Great work. And the interviews are cool, calm, collected and, best of all, honest and informative. A true taste of Goldfrapp. Look forward to seeing and hearing you in Nottingham next month. Until then…

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