Gordon Ramsay Attacks Skinny Girls Aloud, Praises Lily Allen

The Daily Mail spoke with Gordon Ramsay after ‘The F Word’ host sparked a war of words between and after suggesting the star brand the ‘Smile’ singer a “chick with a dick.” It was Cole’s admission she was a vegetarian that appears to have prompted the celebrity chef to stand up for Lily. “Girls Aloud really need to eat, Cheryl came onto the show and she is so skinny, it’s a fu**ing disgrace,” he said. “I really want to feed those girls and make them forget all that vegetarian rubbish. They need to stop worrying about having to be disgustingly skinny and start looking like real women, like Lily Allen.” Perhaps feeling guilty about instigating the battle, he added about Lily: “She’s beautiful isn’t she? She has a great figure and obviously eats properly. There’s none of that vegetarian sh** with her.” Read more.

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One thought on “Gordon Ramsay Attacks Skinny Girls Aloud, Praises Lily Allen

  1. Chief Plonker says:

    Gordon Ramsay really knows how to play the press! With the exception of the infidelity claims, it seems he is in the media every week for something controversial. He does or saysd something, the media pickj up on it and he becomes more popular. He really is playing everyone, but may have paid the price as the press wouldn’t leave him alone with this one. Gordon ramsay, you are still the man!

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