Gossip Gurus Discuss Bennifer Breakup On Fox News

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com and Tom O’Neil of In Touch magazine were on ‘At Large with Geraldo Rivera’ on Saturday night to discuss the breakup of and Ben Affleck. Read on for a rough transcript.

Geraldo: So what happened?

Roger Friedman: it’s not exactly the case of her doing the dumping. I think possibly it’s a case of Ben also being tired of this relationship and tired of the publicity sort of the inherent problems of being a celebrity couple. It was sort of ruining his career. So I think it’s less about her dumping and really there’s a couple twists about how the story came out.

Geraldo: Tell us.

Roger: Who issues a press release saying they have broken up with someone they are dating. It’s ridiculous. It’s funny how she ran to do this so quickly. A lot of it has to do with the fact she has her old manager back Benny Medina somebody Affleck truly hated. It was true for both sides. We are seeing here Jennifer wants to get her career back he wants to get his career back. There was too much damage to both sides. I think that’s where things stand at the moment.

Geraldo: Roger mentions the impact on the star’s careers on Affleck’s career. What about the producers who invested all of this money?

Tom O’Neil: I know. I know. I think it’s going to payoff beautifully for J.Lo because next December she has a movie that opens up called “an unfinished life” in which she could be Oscar nominated while Ben publicly blames J.Lo for the collapse of his career the boy toy of a scheming women. She tapped into this and will do better the latter half of this year.

Geraldo: The whole mocking feeling toward Ben Affleck persist after the breakup?

Tom: I don’t know. He lost his last big movie deal. He was supposed
to film the film called “Ghost of Old Girlfriends” suddenly vanished. I think he’s mad and blames J.Lo. He blames the whole relationship. Geraldo, what’s wrong here is this was never about love. J.Lo embodies the average women of America. She is Jenny from the block she is our Cinderella. She cast Ben in her wedding. Ben sensed something wrong and walked away from it and walked back up to it a few times but the old magic was gone.

Geraldo: Finally on this topic what about that big rock the $4 million engagement ring.

Roger: I hope he gets it back and hope he can take it back to Harry Winston with a receipt.

Geraldo: Wonder if they give discounts.

Roger: We don’t track romantic stories on foxnews.Com. The interesting thing is the return of the manager he’s worked and worked and worked to get this back. Interesting, because under — during the time Ben Affleck was with Jen you have Lopez. There was a lawsuit and settlement. It’s very much like the story in that you have a few people sort of vying to be in control of a star and the star’s money.

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