Gotti Apologizes For J.Lo ‘Bitch’ Remark, Says He Was High

Rolling Stone spoke with Murder Inc chief Irv Gotti on the controversial comments he made about the Jennifer Lopez remix ‘Ain’t It Funny’ which he had told about the track to Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs saying, “Puff, come listen to the new record I did with your old bitch.” Gotti admits, “I wanna apologize to J. Lo in the deepest sense. I truly apologize for the Elle magazine comments. I called her a bitch. This is J. Lo, and I’m referring to her as a bitch! That’s harsh. I killed her. I shouldn’ta killed her. She didn’t deserve that. I was high when I did the interview.”

Jennifer Lopez Divorce Filing Online

July 28, 2002 – The divorce papers filed by Jennifer Lopez to end her eight month marriage to dancer Cris Judd are featured on The two sides have already settled their breakup terms according to their lawyers.

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2 thoughts on “Gotti Apologizes For J.Lo ‘Bitch’ Remark, Says He Was High

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    And people actually wonder why I can’t stand rap stars or their music?! These people never fail to make complete asses of themselves…who else would you expect to be high during an interview? None other than today’s trashy rap community.

  2. mellowyellow says:

    yeah I’m so sick of all that Murder, Inc. bull. And I hear that Irv Gotti is gonna record an album now. Imagine my excitement *rolls eyes*

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