Grammy Fate: Mariah Carey’s Overhyped ‘Emancipation’

I have recently come across Janet Jackson’s career and biography when I compiled her classics in the last post I submitted. I read information about Janet’s past albums and I have recently found out a stunning similarity in both ‘Rhythm Nation’ & ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’. The similarities are these: both albums produced at least 2 U.S. No.1 singles (‘Rhythm Nation’ had 3 & ‘The Emancipation’ had 2), both albums were the best selling albums in the U.S. for that year (‘Rhythm Nation’ sold 8 million & ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’ sold 5 million in the U.S.), both albums were R & B inspired, both albums got the most Grammy Nominations for their year & most significantly both albums had 8 Grammy Nominations!

I would like to make emphasis to the 8 Grammy Nominations above everything else. Janet Jackson ended up winning only one of them…I repeat only “One”. Janet Jackson prior to the actual awards ceremony was rumored to win the majority of the awards she was nominated for but the results were truly a let down.

Morale of the analogy:
Janet’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ album was undoubtedly ‘Much Bigger’ worldwide & in the U.S. than Mariah’s ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’. For reference Janet’s album sold 18 million globally & Mariah’s album sold only 8.5 million. Even in the U.S. ‘Rhythm’ outsold ‘Emancipation’ & had more No.1 & Top 10 hits.

The recent euphoria (e.g. polls by VHI & various bodies indicating a big win) about Mariah’s 8 Grammy Nominations isn’t a big thing at all. Surveys like these are misleading & irrelevant. The Grammy Board of Judges implements their decision not according to the popularity of the album or the single, their main template is the quality of the material. It’s just immature for Mariah’s delusional lambs to think that Mariah will have a “walk in the park” & sweep the Grammy awards just like that. Janet had a much bigger hit at the time but failed to make a splash in the awards ceremony itself.

The proud lambs have to learn from their history. The similarities between Janet’s case & Mariah’s are too obvious. I think ‘The Emancipation’ is just over-hyped at this time (like ‘Rhythm’ was then) & I strongly believe it would be extremely lucky to win an award. Nominations are only ‘Nominations’ not awards. Even at Mariah’s peak performances in the 90’s (which she clearly doesn’t have now) she only managed to win only 2 (Madonna, Celine, Whitney & Janet have more). Why does the ‘Grammy Award’ seem to elude her despite the numerous nominations? I simply don’t know why & to say that the trend will change is highly unlikely. Maybe Mariah is only a lucky vocalist but her material isn’t award winning material at all.

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One thought on “Grammy Fate: Mariah Carey’s Overhyped ‘Emancipation’

  1. Angela says:

    Rhythm Nation is a classic. The Emancipation was a rehash of tracks from Glitter and Charmbracelet (didn’t sound any different) but somehow that was the comeback. I think somebody on the record label she moved to paid for it, seriously.

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