Great Women, And Madonna

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Mariah Carey. Everybody knows how big and successful “The Emancipation of Mimi” is, but for those who haven’t tuned in for the latter half of 2005, or for those anti-Mariah minority who have solemnly and rabidly pledged to put her down, TEOM is one of this year’s biggest and most critically acclaimed albums. To shortlist a few achievements, the album debuted at #1, stayed at the top 10 for 22 weeks, delivered 4 top 20 songs, a record-breaking 14-week reign at the Singles chart, numerous awards… awards that would amount to almost the half of the entire musical awards of Madonna in her lifetime. She also got 8 Grammy nominations, and is the only artist this year to have been nominated at all the top 3 major categories. She also got 2 more legend awards this year, making her tally of legend awards/ special achievement awards even more than the combined legend awards of Madonna, Whitney, and Celine.

Kelly Clarkson. Breakaway is the 2nd biggest selling album by a female artist this year, but not necessarily the 2nd most favored critically. Having topped the pop charts more than any other artist this year, and having stayed at the charts for a year makes this rock-converted singing sensation more than the kind of idol that America made her. Kelly has also gotten her fair share of awards and nominations from almost everybody, giving her not only critical acclaim but also street cred. If Mariah didn’t come back to her chart-topping days, Kelly would’ve ruled 05.

Gwen Stefani. Once touted as the next Madonna, Gwen Stefani makes her move on giving Madonna a run for her money. To really give credit where it is due, Gwen has an original style, unlike Madonna’s, which have almost always been borrowed (cowgirl, Indian, Japanese). Gwen’s fashion sense has always been her own. She could also rock and sing hiphop, that’s 2+ more genres than Madonna’s limited pop (uptempo and ballads) and techno dance. Really, Gwen could exist without Madonna. But let’s forget about the comparisons, and jump to music. Many were surprised that she got the coveted Album of the Year slot, but having released consistently good crossover songs, there’s no wonder. She may have won only bronze this year, but she’s gold at surprises. Who knows, she might upset the other big nominees at next year’s Grammys.

Madonna. With all due respect to this woman, I’d go as far as saying that she doesn’t deserve to be put on the same page as all the other women who were really great this year. Her fans seem to exaggerate her “claimed success”. Unlike all the other female artists mentioned above, Madonna seems to be the least sensational. Nobody, in authority, seems to talk about her, nor give her props for her claimed “success”. Unlike the female artists mentioned above who became successful based on pure talent, Madonna needed a gimmick (pink leotards) to sell. Even with that, nobody seems to be concerned about her, except her fans who keep making up her numbers, or desperately buy her bland song over and over again just to keep her in competition. In fact, Madonna’s record label isn’t too concerned with promoting her like they used to… all they had to do was put money on digital downloads so that she would appear to be selling. Doesn’t it bother you that she is selling at parts of the world where she’s not even played? I understand UK though. Except for The Beatles, Elton John, James Blunt, and Coldplay, the rest of UK’s music industry is pretentious. It’s the kind of country where the likes of Westlife, Sugababes, S Club 7, and numerous talentless singers become #1. I guess that is where she belongs.

Coldplay Gets ‘Hung Up’

December 17, 2005 – Madonna and Producer Stuart Price spent the night out at a Coldplay concert in Earls Court London. To Madonna and the crowds surprise, Chris Martin broke out his version of Hung Up. To hear Coldplay’s take on ‘Hung Up’ and to see a picture of Madonna and Stuart Price at the event, visit

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