Gregory Alleges Conspiracy To Destroy Michael Jackson’s Career

Dick Gregory thinks has been framed. “He’s a good man and I feel that he’s been the target of a conspiracy to destroy his career,” the activist and comedian told Final Call, the official newspaper of the Nation of Islam, “Michael Jackson did something that no one thought a black man would do. He purchased the Beatles catalog for $48 million and today it is worth $1.5 billion. He didn’t know when he bought it that the Beatles owned Little Richard’s music. Michael gave it back to Little Richard, who is very happy now. Michael also owns the catalogs. A Black man owns (the music of) two of the most important music figures in the world and anytime something is played by either of them, Michael gets paid. Previously when Michael needed money to produce an album he could go to Sony and borrow the money. They came to him with a deal that he would have to put up collateral for future loans; he put up the catalogs as collateral, not all of the catalogs, but enough of them for him to lose control if he forfeits the loans.” Read more.

Uri Gellar: Jacko Denied Child Molestation Under Hypnosis

January 18, 2004 – Sky News reports psychic Uri Geller says denied sexually abusing children while under deep hypnosis three years ago. “He answered me under deep hypnosis that he had never touched a child in a sexual way,” Gellar explained to Israel’s Army Radio. “He said – and here I’m using his exact words – ‘my relations with children are very beautiful’.” Geller said he was convinced Jackson was telling him the truth.

Bill O’Reilly Reacts To Jacko Arraignment

January 18, 2004 – Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Talking Points’ on Friday’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’ had Bill talking about Michael Jackson’s display after his arraignment in Santa Maria, which he called disgraceful, as well as his fans’ reaction, which Bill says they should be ashamed of. The commentary has since been removed from

Got Michael Jackson All Wrong, Lawyer Says

January 18, 2004 – Michael’s lawyer Mark Geragos spoke out on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ before the King of Pop’s bizarre performance at his arraignment Friday, claiming news about the singer’s sleepovers for children has been distorted. “This idea that somehow he’s luring kids into sleep into his bedroom and some kind of seductive dance – if it wasn’t so absolutely defamatory, it would be laughable,” he said. “They’re not invited to spend the night in his bedroom. He has a specific area where guests stay.”

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One thought on “Gregory Alleges Conspiracy To Destroy Michael Jackson’s Career

  1. Patula says:

    I believe Dick Gregory all the way. If I had been MJ,I would have been happy just opening the doors for black artists like he did. I would not have purchased that music at all. I have made movies, made music without buying it surrounded myself with my family and a few close friends found God and left the United States permanently. He would be alive today if he did all of the above plus had a mentor to work with him.

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