Greyson Chance Offers Fans A Tour Of His Home Town

Greyson Chance from his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma, or area code 405

is seen on a tour of his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma in the latest episode of the VEVO network original series Area Codes. In the clip, the 13-year-old artist visits some of this favorite spots in the Oklahoma City suburb – including the church where he recorded his now-famous ‘Paparazzi’ clip and his local record store – and even lets fans into this family’s home to show off his first piano. He also took some time to visit the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma, where he donated $10,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network.

“When I first started piano, it was somewhat challenging, but I really wanted to learn it and I really wanted to be able to play,” Greyson said. “I wanted to impress my friends and maybe a couple of girls. Eventually I learned ‘Paparazzi’ and I posted it on YouTube and I was on the Ellen show and was signed to her label and then she offered to get a new piano for our house.”

Talking about his Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma visit, Greyson said, “I’m so excited to go to the hospital today and to be with Children’s Miracle Network. I think it’s so important for me to be able to give back to my community. Everybody go check out It’s a great place to find a charity that means something special to you.”

During a stop at Guestroom Records, Greyson said, “I actually collect vinyl. I take a record player with me on tour and I take about 50 records with me on tour because I like to listen to them a lot.”

Watch the webisode below.

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