‘Gross’ Britney Bugs Avril More Than ‘Hoochie Mama’ Christina

spoke with Jane Stevenson of the Winnipeg Sun and again gave her opinion on and Christina Aguilera, expressing a clear preference regarding her more scantily clad contemporaries. “I personally look at that stuff, and watch it and think it’s really cheesy,” said Lavigne. “And I think it’s kind of nasty. But, I mean, that’s their choice and that’s their vibe and that’s what they go with. And, of course, guys love it. I’m kind of talking more about Britney. She bugs me more than Christina does. I just have a little more respect for Christina ’cause she sings for real. And she’s got a great voice. And I think she’s really talented. And, whatever, she does the whole hoochie mama dance thing and that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with her.”

Did ‘Under My Skin’ All On Her Own

May 29, 2004 – Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star who talked about the sound on her sophomore album, ‘Under My Skin’. “I didn’t want to be as ‘pop’ with this record,” Lavigne said of the ‘Let Go’ follow-up. “I had more control this time and I was involved more on the production side, working really closely with the producers and having visions for my songs, how I wanted them to be produced and picking producers. I did it all on my own, you know? If you hear the record, I think you can tell it’s, like, so personal. It’s so me. I’m really happy with it and I’m really proud. I did more, so I feel like it’s my baby.”

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9 thoughts on “‘Gross’ Britney Bugs Avril More Than ‘Hoochie Mama’ Christina

  1. popmaster167 says:

    You know she’s just begging for attention,for some reason Avril can’t seem to do an interview without mentioning the names of Britney or Christina.

  2. howsoonisnow says:

    Aw whats wrong little Avril? Not getting enough publicity you have to go after the REAL stars? Little fake poser wannabe. Too bad Avril sucks at singing live and fakes piano and guitar playing. What a loser. She’ll be naked on her next Rolling Stone cover and it will be frightening.

  3. ash6969 says:

    ^^^ hahaha. Take a look at who is already double platinum in Japan and who will be topping the Billboard chart on Tuesday. Her name starts with A and ends with VRIL! Also, Avril is promoting her album by doing performances, not by stripping down and getting nasty like Slutney and ho-tina. Check out the clips from her 13 song live performance yesterday where she rocked out on the guitar and piano! She is so multi-talented!! Not no-talented like some other so-called ‘pefrormers’

  4. aligia says:

    Christina gets your respect ,Britney gets your interest.Respect gives you courage to evolve as an artist, public’s interest gives you time to re-sell yourself. Its sad that with the media game and the fakery none star can defend her true identity and value to the fake, pop image that is demanded by fans and media and adopted by rivals.

  5. maypillow11 says:

    Wow Avril needs more attention and publicity! Although she talks about Britney more than her music, I HIGHLY doubt this is real. Because she would never compliment Christina Aguilera. And hello, Christina dresses worse than Britney half the time…almost all the time actually. So their is no way Avril would only say sh*t about Britney. I’m so sick of her “I am so real, I am so honest” crap. She is the fakest liar ever. All she does is lie, and her image is fake. And she keeps saying how “honest” she is. And on top of that Avril, I wouldn’t be making fun of Britney’s voice (if this is even a real interview) because yours sucks as well. You are so horrible live especially. I would rather hear you lip sync. But hey its fun to watch you go up there, and pretend to play guitar and piano. Makes me laugh. Avril is no more credible than Britney. Not her voice, certainly not her fake image, not her lies, her air guitar, her air piano, or her stating that she writes her own music when she doesn’t. Britney is right up there with you. Except sometimes I actually believe SHE is more honest.

  6. secretball555 says:

    I don’t like any of them to be honest. but why id Avril going on and on about Britney? In all of her videos off this album she is completely covered. Christina was the one literally naked in every magazine she was in a year ago. And she did the “dirrty” video which was way worse than what Britney did. She did poses with her legs open, and one with her holding her bare boobs, and Britney takes it too far? But I do like Christina’s voice. Its not even about her, I am making a point that Avril only picks apart Britney. When their are many others dressing like her or even worse in some cases. Avril needs a reality check. Britney taking off her clothes is just as bad as Avril selling her fake skater image, and wearing rock clothes that are all for her manufactured image. And Avril your voice sucks!!! Stop acting like Britney is so bad and YOU can sing. At least Britney doesn’t say she plays guitar and piano when she can’t!! Britney actually plays piano well. And frankly Britney lip syncs but Avril sounds like a mess. So having a bad live voice(or a bad voice period) and lip syncing are really the same thing. Stop using Britney for media attention because everyone is seeing through your fake talentless a*s. Get a life !

  7. JnChrisFan1 says:

    MAN I KNEW IT…..Damn I was right with the last post I made about why Avril talks about Britney more. Cause Britney doesn’t do much but dance (and that’s what I love her for), but other than that she’s just famous for the things she’s done outside the business. Christina has some real damn talent, but the whole image she came out with her song Dirrty overshadowed everything from the people that already don’t like her, but everyone can’t deny that Christina can sing, and if you disagree then you got mad issues. Man I’m good, I knew that’s why she goes after Britney cause what she “sings” is crap and majority of her music is crap, but the girl can dance I’ll give her that and puts on a hell of a performance

  8. Brinn says:

    True, Avril and Britney are equal when it comes to credibility. They both have zero. But what she said about Christina mirrors the popular view from the public – Britney and Christina both do the whore thing – dressing and dancing like them – but Christina has more credibility and respect from people because she has incredible vocal talent while Britney has none, and she sings live, while Britney’s lip-syncing is a continuous joke.

  9. secretball555 says:

    But double platinum in japan, is less than half way platinum in the US and Canada. And everyone is platinum in japan! Christina, Britney, nsync, the Backstreet Boys. Everyone does extremely well over there because it IS true that they listen to anything. My cousin went over to japan on a vacation with her husband, and she said they were still hung up on the spice girls. And enough with acting like Avril plays guitar and piano because she doesn’t!!! Playing 2 notes on piano SLOWLY over and over again while staring down at the keys the whole time, is NOT I repeat NOT piano playing. And the only guitar Avril plays is her air guitar. If she was so good she could play by herself, or better yet play on her damn album more than one song which wasn’t even all her playing. But she hasn’t. The only times she ever hold a guitar is with 3 other guys in back of her playing over her while she either pretends to strum, or strums the same chord. You will believe anything she tells you. What are you 12?

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