Groupie Lashes Out At Ricky Martin Query

A fan trolling for information on in the message boards was scolded by an unnamed fan insisting they “Please go away NOW!” The groupie explained, “Okay, I’m assuming you’re new here and that you haven’t heard, because it’s one of the worst-kept secrets that Ricky Martin is gay! That means he has NO SEXUAL interest in females. About 80% of his fans are females, and most of the rest of his fans are gay men. Many of his fans are Catholic Hispanics and it’s a well-known fact that much of Catholic Hispanic culture is prejudiced against homosexuality because according to the Catholic religion, gay people are going to hell if they don’t repent for their ‘sinful behavior.'”

Goes To Philly To Watch Jordan Kill Everyone

US Weekly spoke with celebs who took in the All-Star game last Sunday where explained his flight to town saying, “I flew all the way here just to see [Michael Jordan] kill everyone else. Then I’m going home.” Meanwhile, his Latin ‘competition’ Enrique Iglesias performed for children at a All Star reading event, Read to Achieve, where he admitted, “I wish I would have read more growing up. I’m here to let kids know that.”

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One thought on “Groupie Lashes Out At Ricky Martin Query

  1. evaivamaria says:

    I’ve nearly missed this “great”news about Ricky.

    OMG,you at the Popdirt must be desperate to find any news about him!To collect from Goupie Central news for the megastar?

    Isn’t it a bit unprofessional?

    But you made me find this Groupie Central page and what I’ve found made me happy in a way – in this particular discussion about Ricky there was only one answer,no further messages,which shows that people have been fed up with this particular gossip about Ricky.

    But I’ve also found many discussions about other artists being accused at least bisexuality,homosexuality/Enrique Iglesias,Robbie Williams/adultery /Sting/. and not a word here about them?

    Only Ricky?

    Has anybody at the POPdirt having some personal interests in Ricky Martin?

    It seems so.

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