Groupie Posts The Whole Scoop On O-Town poster ‘Kandi Kayne’ has posted her complete guide to “everything you need to know as far as and groupies.” Kandi says Dan and Jacob are both “committed to their girlfriends” so aren’t available. Kandi says Ashley is the pickiest, liking “petite, pretty girls, the high maintenance type.” She calls Trevor “a total slut” and “he seems to prefer white or biracial girls.” Finally, she wasn’t too impressed with Erik saying, “One friend of mine said he’s the smallest she’s ever had and a horrible lay.”

The message at has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Groupie Posts The Whole Scoop On O-Town

  1. britnickjessjustin says:

    This article is so tacky … we all know there is a groupie network out there, but it is not necessary to spread their stories. These people have girlfriends, they have family, and they have fans. It is a thing about respect, and these women do not respect themselves, and these men do not respect themselves, but keep it private!

  2. Jake4u says:

    I can’t see why this story is even mentioned? I just can’t see what! I’m a huge fan of O-town and I actually don’t care who they are dating and what they’re doing! That’s none of my businesses, hell its no ones business!

    Show the guys some respect and keep it private! Well it doesn’t matter if it’s O-town or not! Just let it be!

  3. kissforlance says:

    Wonder where JC and Lance were??

  4. lil_moe says:

    well….jc was with ME!!….i wish…but he was probably with his girl.

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