Groupie Tells All About Westlife’s Mark Feehily

18-year-old Swedish stunner Mersina Berqgvist tells News of the World she was disappointed with her night of passion with star Mark Feehily. Berqgvist revealed, “Mark was very selfish, he didn’t even start to get me excited before it was all over. We only made love in one position, and I have to say that he was finished in seconds.” She added, “He wasn’t the best-endowed lover I have encountered, but that wouldn’t have mattered if only he’d tried to pleasure me. I was very disappointed with him.”

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2 thoughts on “Groupie Tells All About Westlife’s Mark Feehily

  1. MarkFeehilyfan says:

    Well that dirty bitch is just a gold digger. She only said that cause she wants to get money off the paper! I hope you all realize that! She’s a dirty cow and I hate her 4 what she said about my sexy baby Markie. She a [beep]stain!!! F**k off.

  2. leo says:

    hello mark,your are very handsome,have a nice day?

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