Groupies Talk Backstreet Boys

Groupies are dishing out dirt on the at the message boards. ‘dont remember’ writes, “[Nick Carter] gets around ALOT and isnt very carful of who’s watching. Like he kissed me in public and didn’t mind people watching! He has always treated me with a lot of respect and is always very nice. The sex is just amazing! He’s got the most sexy body ever, but its like you can tell that he gets around cause he is so confident and knows exactly what he does! Yes, he’s a male slut, but at least he’s good at it!” Read more.

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12 thoughts on “Groupies Talk Backstreet Boys

  1. KaosLover10 says:

    Omg, lol, that is some funny stuff…the things these people say.

  2. YourMom says:

    I can’t believe that GroupieCentral site, lol! And since when is this newsworthy, haha

  3. NickZGurl says:

    nick hasn’t dated in like 2 years. Sure, whatever

  4. guccimama says:

    uhm, I don´t think they’re talking about “dating”:-)

  5. BSBfanatic935 says:

    whoever wrote that has a lot of time on their hands… dumbass

  6. Smile says:

    Your probably right – that’s what makes those people scary. It’s a shame there so obsessed with Nick that they have to make this gross stuff up.

  7. guccimama says:

    Yeah well, I´m sure Justin has just as obsessed fans…or any music celeb..sadly

  8. Smile says:

    That’s very true – there is nothing you can do but ignore them.

  9. nellysgirl says:

    ”male slut”? lol! That’s just nasty man. Having sex with him? *throws up*. And that’s what he waste’s his money on? paying girl’s to sleep with him? Again, another sad… sad story.

  10. Smile says:

    nellysgirl~ What took you so long to reply? You must have been busy lately. I’m glad you haven’t forgot about the BSB, I know your a big fan underneath it all. I know this because you talk about BSB ALL the time.

  11. Lyssie says:

    has anyone ever been to groupiecentral, or whatever it’s called. It’s freaking hilarious as long as you don’t believe everything. It’s a great sof entertainment, kind of like a tabloid on the web. But then you get people, like the person that put this up, who believe it and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

  12. Chamath Champ says:

    I knew Nick Carter gets around.. that dude is so much like me..

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