Grow Up Hilary Duff And Lindsay Lohan

Contributed anonymously:

Dear and Lindsay Lohan: GROW UP!

Listen, I ain’t dishin’ on either of these girls. I have no problem whatsoever with Lindsay, and Hilary is my idol.

But seriously, I think they both need to get over it. Aaron was a bazillion years ago, and really not worth all of this. I don’t think either of them are responsible for this mess, but I wish they would both just give it up.

They both need to make a public reconciliation and admit that they are over it, both of them… same time and same place, so there won’t be any more of this “I’m over it, but she keeps starting it back up.”

Maybe if they could do what Brandy and Monica did back when, when everyone was accusing them of hating each other. Brandy and Monica coincided of “The Boy is Mine”. If Hilary and Lindsay did a duo song, with a music video and stuff, I think it would prove that they are both over it, which they both say they are, right before saying the other just said something else about them. Although I think their song should have a slightly different theme, as that is what started this whole mess in the first place.

So while I am not condemning either of these celebrated beauties, I still wish all this hating didn’t have to go on. I understand that not everyone can get along, but at least don’t have all these public feuds.

It’s not about who is prettier or more talented or anything to do with their personal lives. They should just realize that this is hurting both of their careers, and step up and say “I’m sorry”.

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