‘Guerrilla Artist’ Replaces Paris Hilton CDs In Shops With Doctored Versions

Paris Hilton

The Independent reports “guerrilla graffiti” artist Banksy has taken aim at Paris Hilton, smuggling 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album on the sly into music stores across the UK, where they have sold without the shops knowing about it.

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One thought on “‘Guerrilla Artist’ Replaces Paris Hilton CDs In Shops With Doctored Versions

  1. JasonLeeBenson says:

    Well either way its the responsibility of the record company man. All that needs to be done is to accept the wage that’s a deduction off all profits. A copyright is a copyright law. So its the systematic problem of the benefactor of each store to pay whatever deduction, or price is the monetary wage that is agreed upon contract. When you sell records at a store there is a disclosed amount that is paid. They simply take the profit that they made and are having to be forced to make a distinguished payment in due to there fault. Or each store can be sued because it would be an obvious dupe of there own casualty. What it is, is that with the modern age of technology it is not to much of a motivating factor for people to want to buy CDs, and music stores are going out of business. So in an effort to keep afloat they make replications, or even knowing there are replicas of albums, they’ll accept them in there store because of the lack of price. I’m sure that Paris could really care less about all of that crap anyway. I’m sure she loves music, and is just happy to be able to share the gift she has as an amazing vocalist. In also being able to share joy and make smile, and people dance. But I’m sure there’s a bunch of penny pinching executives that are pissed because they get a reduction in profit. Most artists are paid an advancing toll calculated upon base profit margin of whats expected to sell. This keeps the record company available to promote the album because then there stuck with an album that might not sell after making a paid wage. I honestly don’t know what I’m talking about. I just know that there’s probably some sucker reading my every word. So for your entertainment my pleasurable friend. Smell the ***** stains in my underwear :0 ) Peace Love and Chicken Grease :0 P

    Oh yah, I also think it sucks that someone choose someone that has a musical spirit. I with they would have picked on someone that is formed by some moronic idiot in a studio telling someone what to sing wear ext yada yada yada blah blah blah. Hey maybe it was Mariah Carey that did it. Maybe she had another nervous breakdown from her disappointment in record sales! It seems that the women that have talent and musical ability are always the subject to some fashion of propaganda. You know man, its jsut the way it is. People are to self indulged in the madness of the 9-5 world. I think everyone needs chaos in there lives. But hey, at least one objective. It will make you laugh dance cry smile and shake and groove. So go buy it man! Even your grandmother will like it man. Kids, everyone! My uncle that’s 57 years old I was able to talk into buying it. You think Madonna had a voice man. She makes Madonna sound like one of the chipmunks. Alvin Simon or Theodore, I’m not sure which one man, serious a chipmunk! Go buy it now :0 P

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