Guthrie And Sherman Analyze Michael Jackson Trial

Court TV’s Savannah Guthrie, who has been in court since the start of the trial, and noted defense attorney Mickey Sherman weigh in on the pop star’s case. Watch the segment via below the cut.

Cub Scouts Of America Celebrate 74th Birthday

May 19, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “The Cub Scouts of America celebrated their 74th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to the Cub Scouts. Had a huge jamboree. Hundred of boy scouts turned out. Or as calls it, ‘entrapment’. … You know what Michael Jackson calls the boy scout uniform? Lingerie.”

‘In The Year 2000’ Predictions For Jacko, Ryan Seacrest

May 19, 2005 – During Conan O’Brien’s ‘In The Year 2000’ segment on Wednesday’s ‘Late Night’, the host looked into the “future” and predicted: “On Christmas Eve, will be visited by a ghost who takes him on a journey to Christmas past. Unfortunately, Jackson will use the trip as an excuse to Fondle himself as a child!” O’Brien then predicted: “Ryan Seacrest will admit that his catch phrase, ‘Seacrest out’ is not a cheesy sign-off, but instead a heartfelt declaration of his homosexuality.”

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