Guy Sebastian On The Four Qualities To Achieving Success

Guy Sebastian

was on the phone with Judyth Piazza recently, where the ‘Australian Idol’ season one winner talked about his background, giving things a shot in the U.S. with the release of ‘Who’s That Girl’, the most important lesson he’s learned during his career, wasting energy on haters on social media, getting to work with Eve on the new single and other major label artists like and John Mayer,

“I think vision is very important,” Guy said when asked about qualities successful people share. “I would say the four most important things are vision, belief – not waking up and having doubt, I can’t do this, maybe I’m not cut out for this. Maybe I’m not smart enough or maybe I’m not talented enough. Vision, having a clear direction on what you want to do like if you don’t have that goal then there’s nothing for you to shoot for then you can’t take the necessary steps to succeed. Vision, self belief, hard work – having a good work ethic is the key. It’s all good to have vision and self belief but if you’re like, ‘Yeah, I can do it, right after I spend all day playing video games.’ You have to have the work ethic as well and then you need some element of talent. You can be hard working and have goals, but you’ve got to be wise with what you choose.”

Listen to the interview at The SOP.

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