Guy Sebastian Performs On Nine’s ‘Today’

Singer Guy Sebastian

‘Australian Idol’ season one winner performed on Nine’s ‘Today’ live from his hometown of Adelaide on Tuesday (June 26).

On living in Adelaide before fame:

I grew up here and studied just down the road, just behind us, I went to Uni. Just down this road we went and auditioned for ‘Australian Idol’ and lined up sort of like this time out in the freezing cold in the rain. Adelaide’s the best. It’s a small city. It’s just simple and easy to get around. I’ve been in Sydney for the past four years now and just to try and get in that sort of traffic and that sort of lifestyle is a big jump from here. I’m used to Adelaide and I miss my mates, my family my indoor cricket, my football and all that sort of stuff. It’s good to be back every now and then.

On ‘Cover On My Heart’:

I actually wrote it about a friend I used to work with here in Adelaide. It’s just a ballad kind of about not keeping your feelings trapped inside but let them out and tell someone how you feel, because sometimes it must just be too late.

An interview with Richard Wilkins and performance of ‘Cover On My Heart’ at has since been removed.

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