Guy Sebastian Talks ‘Australian Idol’ & ‘Who’s That Girl’

Guy Sebastian

‘Australian Idol’ season one winner joined Garrett of Z100’s Elvis Duran in the Morning at the top 40 station’s New York City studio on Friday (June 24). Guy talked about winning ‘Idol’, his ‘Who’s That Girl’ collaboration with Eve, and performed two songs.

“Here it’s pretty open,” Guy said about America’s cultural vibe compared to Australia. “Back home it’s a lot of rock. There’s kind of Silverchair and those sort of bands that are huge, whereas here it’s really open. It’s great. I love that there’s so many genres and it’s funny because I’m probably one of the few guys doing R&B, soul pop back home. Most of it is rock.”

As for finding an audience in Australia, he said, “It’s funny because with any journey that started on television, being on ‘Idol’, it’s almost like you’ve got your work cut out for you more than other artists. I know it’s a great platform. Then you have to gain your credibility in the industry. For me it was a matter of keep writing, keep producing and keep getting songs out on radio and keep reminding people I guess why they should be on board with my music, and that took years.”

Video at has since been removed.

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