Hadouken! MySpace UK Kit-Kat Pop-Up Gig

James Smith and Alice Spooner of Hadouken interviewed in BrightonFootage from the MySpace UK Kit-Kat pop-up show in Brighton, England at Coalition Club on 10th has been posted online.

In addition to the live set, frontman James Smith and synth player Alice Spooner spoke about a few topics. “A really good live show is a combination of really good crowd, really good venue, you need a nice loud system and it needs to be the right time where everyone’s up for a good party,” James explained.

Alice added, “Live we bring that rockier edge with guitars, we have them higher in the mix. We like to bring because rock music is the best.”

As for MySpace, she said, “We do owe where we are now to MySpace, I think we can safely say that. We certainly never would have gotten signed or never had people at our shows singing the words if MySpace didn’t exist.”

The 39-minute set and a highlight clip with an accompanying interview with the band and their fans have since been removed at MySpace.

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