Hanging Out With Matt And Kim At The Laundromat

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino of met up with magazine at their local laundromat in Brooklyn, washing their dirty linen after three weeks on the road. Kim talked about getting another tattoo, while Matt said he’s a Fruit of the Loom fan.

“We have this thing, we kind of get pegged as being cute,” Kim said. “I would never go see a band where someone says, ‘Oh they’re really cute.’ It would make me not want to go see them.”

“I’m not aloud to wear white shirts anymore, because I get these awful, awful pit stains,” Matt admitted.

Talking tattoos, Matt said, “I don’t have any tattoos, no.” But Kim showed hers off saying, “This is the Rhode Island flag. I’m having my chest done next. I’m getting my family’s last name.” They then joked about a tattoo on her hip that she apparently didn’t think a full year about before getting.

Watch the video below.

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