‘Hannah Montana’ Diabetes Themed Episode Pulled By Disney

E! News reports that Disney has pulled the episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ that was originally set to air last Sunday to open the starring show’s third season because the diabetes subject matter drew criticism from parents who saw it in an on-demand version.

“During the scriptwriting stage of the ‘Hannah Montana’ episode in question (entitled ‘No Sugar, Sugar’), the matter of depicting a character with diabetes was reviewed by our Standards and Practices executives who consulted with medical experts to inform the story and ensure that it was told responsibly,” a Disney spokeswoman said. “Notwithstanding the measures we took, and based on the episode’s preview and early feedback from parents (who saw it on SVOD and/or mobile platforms), we removed the episode from Sunday’s schedule and are now reevaluating it.”

The episode that aired instead was ‘He Ain’t a Hottie, He’s My Brother’, while the season’s second episode, ‘Ready, Set, Don’t Drive’, airs Sunday.

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