‘Hannah Montana’ “He Could Be The One” Preview

A preview of the next episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ has been posted online. Titled “He Could Be The One”, the episode features ’ character dating Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) again. The full episode airs this Sunday (July 5) at 8 PM ET/PT on the Disney Channel. Watch via YouTube below.

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10 thoughts on “‘Hannah Montana’ “He Could Be The One” Preview

  1. Ambica says:


  2. Jenessa says:

    I seriously hope Miley ends up with Jake and not Jesse

  3. kelley says:

    I love this video

  4. Happy GoLucky says:

    it would help if y’all put the whole episode on there:)

  5. Sofiaaa says:

    She ends up with Jake & the episodes already on YouTube.
    it’s fu**in nuts=)))))))))))

  6. christine says:

    I wish Jake got it but Jesse got it but Jesse was cut

  7. christine says:

    I love you Jake

  8. Sara says:

    You can download “Hannah Montana 3″ and this song ‘He Could be The One” in iTunes now…

    Check it out and make her Number One this summer!!!

  9. Kaycie says:

    I think that this episode of Hannah Montana is The Best Ever!
    I totally fell in love with this one. . . and I knew that she would end up with Jake Ryan. . . Or(Cody Linely). . . However my little sister absolutely LOVES the guy that plays Jesse. . .
    P.s she wanted me too add the piece of information in there..!

  10. Serena says:

    hey I loved the show I was happy that she picked Jake he’s really hot and it was really funny when Jackson and Rico were wearing skirts ……lol I also loved he’s got something special
    [:Well bye everybody:]

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