Hannah Spearritt Cheats On Longtime Lover With ‘Primeval’ Co-Star

Hannah Spearritt’s former 7 bandmate and former long term lover Paul Cattermole has gone to News of the World after the ‘Primeval’ star dumped him for her co-star Andrew-Lee Potts. “Hannah and I lived together happily until she started working on ‘Primeval’,” Cattermole explained. “Within days she became secretive and spent all her time in hotels, only coming home every few weeks. Within a couple of months our five-year relationship was over. I knew in my heart she was seeing Andrew. After being with somebody that length of time you have an amazing gut instinct.”

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One thought on “Hannah Spearritt Cheats On Longtime Lover With ‘Primeval’ Co-Star

  1. Cristina says:

    What a cheating bitch! Karma is a bitch, too, Hannah. You’ll definitely get yours.

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