Hanson Announces Tour And New Live Album

issued a press release to announce dates for their ‘Live and Electric Tour ’05’, which begins October 18th at the Roxy in Atlanta, Georgia, and runs through a November 23rd performance in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma at Cain’s Ballroom. The band will be supporting ‘The Best of Hanson Live and Electric’, which hits retail stores October 11th on their own 3CG Records label. “Our choice to become independent again was about our belief in the relationship between us and our fans,” said Taylor. “We’re passionate about the future of independent music.” Read more, including the tour dates, at Hanson.net.

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2 thoughts on “Hanson Announces Tour And New Live Album

  1. wwwhoa says:

    Hanson owns their own record label, 3CG, they write, produce, arrange and perform their own music in their own recording studio, and they do it all during short breaks from selling out tour dates all over the world. That is concrete evidence that they are far and above so many other bands as far as talent. I am glad to hear they are doing so well, they deserve all the success in the world.

  2. DAWORD says:

    I wished they could have done a little more promo on the last album because they had some other songs on the album that was worthy of more radio and video airplay. The only hurdle that could keep them for getting higher visibility is the tight playlist of Radio and Music video channels, but that won’t stop them from doing what they love.

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