Hanson, Branch & Aguilera On TV This Week

Pop acts on television this week include , who performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday; , who visits MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday; Celine Dion, who appears on the Wayne Brady Show on Friday; , who appear on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Friday; and look for Amy Studt, Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson and Stacie Orrico on the UK edition of TRL this week.

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10 thoughts on “Hanson, Branch & Aguilera On TV This Week

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    I wanna see TRL Wednesday. I wonder what Christina is gonna be doing on there. Also, Obie Trice is suppose to be on the same day. I wonder if Eminem will show up since they’re always together. That would be cool to see Em and Christina talking or whatever.

  2. Nothing2Lose says:

    Hey, yeah that would be cool. I didn’t even think of that. Hm..well whatever goes down it should be interesting.

    There has to be something going on? I mean won’t she be touring in Europe or something by then? Well, I am excited either way. I heard that her new single is going to be ‘Infatuation’ I know they have said it is ‘Impossible’ but I have read that there are promos in some other place for her new single ‘Infatuation’ and that it is remixed. Just thought I post that because I saw it and was wondering if anybody heard or saw something like that?

  3. musikluver says:

    well… she can’t rely on Justin to sell her concert tickets anymore…. ! so… she will go on MTV acting all ghetto, with her face looking like a clown and probably no clothes on. but she does that every time you see her.. so whats new! she is so fake!

  4. Stallion says:

    Elgato lover is going to be on TRL UK edition and I’m not talking about Stacie. I hate for Elgato to miss his favorite show in the whole world. In case you people are wondering what I’m talking about it’s TRL

  5. sexyxtina25 says:


  6. Julie816 says:

    Christina is probably figuring out that Britney is coming back, so she has to go trampy on MTV again. I bet she’s going to talk about the Kiss and how she has kiss many girls before to get attention to her. Then people will still to give a crap about her VD ass.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    That’s sad that people have to try to bring down the character of Christina. rely on Justin to sell tickets…well don’t you look like an idiot…her whole tour sold out in Europe…unlike Justified tour. and she probably won’t be talking about the kiss…she’s mature enough to talk of unpublicized things. she may be releasing her new song. yep another song that portrays the voice that Britney will never have. I think I’ll have to tune in…to see once more how much of a better vocalist and mature artist Christina is compared to the actual fake publicity whore Britney. I actually notice how vocally untalented she is…i mean her fans actually think this croaking baby voice is vocal talent and ability. that explain how musically uneducated you all are.

  8. mslin says:

    Can’t wait to watch Michelle preform Breathe.

  9. Angel_M says:

    X-tina is in Denmark on Wednesday and I know because I’m going to see her….YEAH, gonna be HOT!

  10. Kizzardkid says:

    She’ll probably just talk about her show in Denmark if that’s where she is. Man if she releases one more single I hope its “The Voice Within”, or “Get Mine, Get Yours” lol now that’s my song. lol.

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