Hanson Fans Bombard Shoved Reporter With Hate E-Mail

Maui V. Reyes of the Philippine Daily Inquirer had more comments on her run-in with Zac posted on her blog. She said after the incident, “As soon as he walked away I started to cry my eyes out. Was it because I was young? He was three years younger than me. Was it because I looked like a fan? I was professional the whole time. Was it because I was Asian? (That’s a stupid thing to think, but my mom keeps bringing that up). Did he think I was going to sell that picture on Ebay? Please. I’m not pathetic. A girl from the record company came up to me, hugged me, and told me that it would be best that I leave. She said I could use the van to go back to the hotel. I said I was going to write about this incident. She said I ought not to, to preserve the band’s image. She said she and a bunch of people from the record company weren’t happy with how I handled the Mandy Moore feature [a previous story she had written] to begin with.” Reyes also posted an update on Saturday after the story was published, talking about the hate mail she’s received from Hanson fans. Reyes said, “Fans from every Hanson forum started bashing me, calling me a bitch, an unprofessional journalist… one even called me a ‘dick’ (well thank you, but I don’t have one). At first I felt bad… horrible… I was just doing my job. I was just stating FACTS. I was telling the TRUTH.”

The blog at geocities.com/volcanogirl28 has since been removed.

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