Hanson Flack: Daily Inquirer Reporter ‘Crossed The Line’

spokeswoman Ashley Greyson responded to the allegations that Zac shoved Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter Maui V. Reyes for photographing his brother Isaac. “Lots of people lie, cheat and steal to get interviews, etc. Then they abuse their privilege,” Greyson wrote on .net. “This girl was taking way too many pictures and crossed the line. She was trying to get shots of the guys in the dressing room, a HUGE no-no as that is the artists safe-house. Zac covered her lens and closed the door. What does ‘shoved’ mean anyway? Zac is a big boy, if he shoved an average size girl, she would go flying, not off to take more pics. She abused her rights as a reporter and I am sure the guys weren’t so happy about it. They are working night and day, the hardest schedule they have ever had. She was asked to leave by the tour manager after repeatedly going against his instructions. Remember, you can report anything you want, that doesn’t make it true. You decide for yourself– what is the ‘truth’.”

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