Happy Holidays And Happy New Year From Alex Band

Former The Calling singer checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@alexbandmusic) on Thursday (December 20). He writes:

Happy Holidays! It’s almost 2008, finally time to release my record! The anticipation is killing me, it’s almost been 3 years now and I’m beyond ready to get back out on the road and see you all. I still don’t know exactly when my record will be coming out next year, but as soon as I find out I will of course let you all know. As usual, for the Holidays, I have given you all a new song (go to alexmaxband.com to download it now!). I’ve probably written and demoed over 100 songs in the last 3 years for this album and clearly not all of them have made the cut to actually being recorded for the album. Some were great, some not as good, but I thought this one that Arms and I wrote and demoed out was a bit different and cool and perfect as a gift. I hope you like it:) I’ve also posted a little video for you all with a personal Holiday message from me. You can find that also at www.alexmaxband.com for download or you can view it on my MySpace page. As always, thank you for sticking with me through all these years of waiting… you guys are the best. Just wait till you hear this record! Your head will explode with insane happiness! ;) Happy Holidays to you all… and Happy New Year! I’ll speak to you again in 2008 when we take over the world!!! HA HA HA! All the love… Alex Band

His holiday message, where Alex talks about finally going on tour and putting a record out, has since been removed.

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