Hard Drive Crash Delays My Little Pony Album Release

My Little Pony checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@mylittleponyoslo) on Tuesday (June 22), talking about how plans to release a new album were thrown into chaos after the hard drive containing the songs the Norwegian indie pop band had worked on crashed. They write:

So. As you might have picked up by following our twitter, the carefully assembled zeros and ones that we planned to turn into our album through a careful mixing process have been lost into the empty void of Sjur Lyseid’s crashed, backupless harddisc. A hard blow, not only for the disc but obviously also for us, who had spend a good month recording it.

So now what? Well, we’ll have to record it again obviously, and luckily it’s going to be even better this time. We’ll get into the studio in at the latest, and hope to release it just over Christmas.

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One thought on “Hard Drive Crash Delays My Little Pony Album Release

  1. Vicky says:

    Wow that was so terrible.Have drives carash anytime so there is always need for one to carry out regular backups.I personally make backups regulary online with safecopy backup.My hard drive crashing makes me so sick.But with my backups online,i feel safe and prepared for anything.I love safecopy because I have used it for years now and I have no complaint about their services but all they do is improve on their services.So please don’t always to make backups.This is making you redo what you had already done and thus making you release them late because you said you will be going to the studio in Septembber and the release will be during Christmas season.

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