Harry Hits The Roof After Lindsay Spends Night Flirting With DJ

The Mirror reports and boyfriend Harry Morton had tense moments Sunday after he tired of her flirting with DJ Sam Young at London club Boujis on Sunday night.

“When they arrived at the bash, they were chatting to everyone. But once in the Boujis tent, Lindsay made a beeline for Sam,” a partygoer revealed. “She soon got carried away and she and Sam ended up DJing together. Then she began stroking his back and being really playful. At one stage, they even swapped numbers!”

The Taco CEO responded by repeatedly “trying to drag her away,” a fellow reveler added. “In the end, Lindsay got so fed up with him that she went out to the balcony, had a blazing row and gave him a mouthful… then she went back to flirting with Sam.”

Did Really Get Her Jewels Back?

Though a Scotland Yard spokesperson told People magazine that “no property was taken” from Lindsay Lohan’s recovered bag and that it was being treated as “lost property”, Ben Widdicombe of The New York Daily News reports the $1 million contents were missing, and that “the identity of the thief remains a mystery.”

Lindsay Lohan And Harry Morton Engagement Rumors Swirl

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Friday night, “Well, the rumor mill is swirling. Lots of online websites are reporting now that Harry Morton is ready to pop the question to his girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan. Of course, that question is, ‘Can you please stop having sex with other men?'”

Lindsay Lohan: I’m Not Engaged

Lindsay Lohan was profiled on RTL’s ‘Boulevard’ on Thursday (September 7), speaking with the actress during her ‘Bobby’ press tour in Venice. In the clip, Lohan confirmed she’s not engaged to boyfriend Harry Morton, and that she had to tell her mother Dina the rumors weren’t true. Afterwards, their was a panel discussion, in Dutch.

The video clip at RTL.nl has since been removed.

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