Harry Potter’s Chris Columbus Apologizes For Jacko Comment

“Harry Potter” director Chris Columbus apologized for his televised comments about where he said he would not let his movie’s star Daniel Radcliffe take any telephone calls from Jackson, who has been dogged by child molestation rumors. Said Columbus, “I don’t want Jackson to think I’m slamming him. What I meant by that is you don’t want Daniel to get caught up in the cult of celebrity. Just because you’re in a movie doesn’t mean that all other celebrities are your best friends.”

Jackson Digitally Blackened?

November 28, 2001 – People magazine reports had his skin digitally darkened for the telecast of his 30th anniversary concert on CBS, this according to sources who worked on the videotape for the show. Jackson used a special effects device called the Henry Machine after seeing footage showing the dramatic difference between his skin color and his five brothers as they performed on stage.

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