Harry Styles Discusses Shaving His Head & Weird Rumors

Harry Styles of One Direction chats with fans at a meet and greet in Dallas, where he talked about shaving his head for charity, weird rumors he's heard about himself and more meet and greet winners Jillian and Madeline got the chance to have a one-on-one interview with Harry Styles for i93 before the boyband performed in Dallas.

Asked if he would shave his head for charity, Harry said, “Yes I would actually, but I’d have to raise a lot of money. If I raised enough money I probably would shave my head.”

As for what he would do if he could be a non-celebrity for a day, Harry said, “I don’t think I would do anything crazy. I think I’d just hang out with my friends.”

Questioned in regards to the weirdest rumors he’s heard about himself, Harry said, “I’ve been dead. I’ve been arrested. I apparently wear a beanie after sleeping with someone.”

When asked for advice on how fans can get his attention, Harry responded, “I don’t really know. I think it’s nice when people are just nice and polite I guess. Sometimes it gets so crazy after a show so it’s nice when people are normal.”

When quizzed about whether there were songs he liked that didn’t make the group’s debut album, Harry said, “I was actually quite happy with the album choices. A few of them got left I thought was because the other songs were better.”

Can fans expect him to change his hairstyle, besides the shaving for charity mentioned earlier? “Yeah, I guess so,” Harry said. “I guess I will have to change my hair eventually.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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