Harry Styles Takes Questions From Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran & More

Harry Styles chats with Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick GrimshawHarry Styles visited with Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, where the star talked about his fan club, including a video application from famous peers, including Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Rita Ora, Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, and more. When asked if Chris had ever offered him advice, Harry said, “He’s good at telling you to take care of yourself. He’s very make sure you’re alright. He’s very zen, isn’t he. I think he’s a pretty wonderful man.”

Ased by Sheeran about the process making his debut album, Harry responded, “I started the album – I had to stop in the middle of the year when the movie happened – so I did three weeks in February last year, and then stopped for about five months. Then I came back to it in July, and did that until now. I finished writing in December.” He said getting away from the project for those months was a positive. “For a while before, all I thought about was stressing about what it was going to be. It gave me a chance to completely step away from it and have a real break. Also, by the end of the movie because we were swimming so much, I was thinking I just want to write songs in the studio.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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