Harvey Levin Discusses Britney’s Monday Custody Hearing

TMZ’s Harvey Levin visited ‘Good Day LA’ on Tuesday (January 15) to offer more details on Britney Spears’ decision to skip court yesterday and what that means for the custody of the kids. “She hates going to court,” Levin said. “And one of the reasons she’s always hated going to court is she has to play by somebody else’s rules other than Britney Spears, and that has really foreign to her.”

Levin added that he’s no fan of the troubled pop tart’s boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. “He’s using an unstable woman, a woman who is literally teetering,” he said. “I can tell you that in that courtroom yesterday there was a lot of concern over how is she going to take the news that she’s going to be cut off from her kids. She’s been in such bad shape mentally right now, that she’s hanging by a thread. So she’s got this guy with her, that’s using her for all she’s worth, and she doesn’t even understand it right now. It’s a terrible situation.”

As for the naked pictures Adnan’s agency Finalpixx was denying they were pitching, Harvey said, “We know that there were some pictures pitched to some magazines in America,” Levin said. “And they turned him down. There’s something really curious about this. Pictures were absolutely made, that’s what we’re told.”

The video at myfoxla.com has since been removed.

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